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52% this worked

The types of projects we fund are special needs and community development projects. You may download the form and mail your application to: Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation 11C Ansa Centre Maraval Road Port of Spain Trinidad

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Together We Make Christmas Better Contest (to 18th Dec)


8th Aug: Weather for 👀
8th Aug: There are also reports of flash flooding. Keep safe on the roads T&T!
7th Aug: What would you say if @NessaPreppy answered your call? 😉 #digiceltt
7th Aug: You guessed it! We launched in 2006 🎉 #digiceltt
6th Aug: What’s the best news you’ve ever received via phone call? 😎
5th Aug: Let’s see how well you know us 👀 In what year did Digicel launch in the beautiful T&T?
5th Aug: Happy humpday! What are you grateful for this week?
4th Aug: Tell us what you enjoy most about Digicel 🥺❤️
3rd Aug: Have you tried D’Music yet? 👀
3rd Aug: What’s your favorite streaming service? 🤓 #digiceltt
3rd Aug: Happy Monday! Remember to wash your hands & wear your mask 😷 #stopthespread #digiceltt
1st Aug: Trinidad & Tobago declared Emancipation Day a National holiday in which year? #historywithdigiceltt
1st Aug: Happy Emancipation day T&T!
31st Jul: Friday mood check-in 👀
31st Jul: Can you name the Artiste & Song? 😎🎶 #digiceltt #fortheloveofmusic
30th Jul: Did you make after-work plans with your friends to celebrate International Friendship Day? 👀
30th Jul: It’s International Friendship Day! Tag your friends below & let them know how much you love & appreciate them!❤️
30th Jul: What song gets you through your morning?
29th Jul: Be honest, how often do you wear your mask? 😷
29th Jul:
29th Jul: Happy humpday! We’re halfway through the workweek!
29th Jul: Do you remember the stories about Douens from your childhood days? #ttfolklore #digiceltt
29th Jul: Do you know what BiP is?👀
28th Jul: We’re happy to provide great service! ❤️
28th Jul: Be vigilant & stay safe!
27th Jul: Monday Mood check-in 😎 #digiceltt
27th Jul: What’s your Monday Motivation?
25th Jul: Stay safe T&T 🙏🏼🙏🏼
24th Jul: What are you looking forward to this weekend? #tgif #digiceltt
24th Jul: Can you unscramble this? 🤓 #digiceltt #unscramblethis
23rd Jul: Remember to -wash your hands -wear your masks -practice social distancing #staysafe with #digiceltt
23rd Jul: Remember to wear your mask and wash your hands! #practicesocialdistancing #digiceltt
22nd Jul: What’s your favorite product/service with Digicel? #digiceltt
22nd Jul: Retweet for a blessed humpday!
21st Jul: Have you downloaded BiP yet? 👀
21st Jul: Reports are stating that WhatsApp is down again. If you’re affected, download our BIP app for stress free messagin…
20th Jul: Monday affirmations 🙏🏼 with #digiceltt Have a great week!
17th Jul: Friday mood?
17th Jul: What did you think of #Netflix’s The Old Guard? #moviesuggestions
17th Jul: Stream live games, check the latest stories or watch full games with the Sportsmax App! Available with Digicel 🙌🏼
17th Jul: Happy Friday!
17th Jul: How do you answer the phone when your mom calls? 😌
17th Jul: How cool is this! 🤓
16th Jul: If you had to choose a phone that you don’t already own, which brand would you choose? 🤔
15th Jul: What do you think about this? 😶
15th Jul: Happy hump day! How’s your week shaping up?
14th Jul: Make the switch today ;)
14th Jul: A look into the future? #technews
14th Jul: So whatsapp is down...what’s your second option? 👀
14th Jul: Is your WhatsApp giving trouble?
14th Jul: Do you have Nomophobia? 🤔 “Nomophobia is severe anxiety caused by the thought or act of losing your phone or running out of battery.”
14th Jul: Can you unscramble this phrase? 😉 #digiceltt
14th Jul: Tell us about your first cell phone memories 🤳🏾
13th Jul: Would you wear this to beat the heat in T&T? #technews
13th Jul: Happy Monday! Wishing you all a great & productive week ahead!
12th Jul: Congratulations 🙌🏼
12th Jul: Are you doing Sunday lunch with your family today? What’s on the menu? 🤤
11th Jul: What are your plans for today?
11th Jul: #FactOrFiction with #digiceltt The first handheld cellular phone call was made on April 3, 1973.
10th Jul: How long do your phone calls usually last? #digiceltt
10th Jul: Friday plans?
10th Jul: What do you think about this new iPhone upgrade? Would you still purchase?
10th Jul: Be honest, did you call this the Spoiler Phone? 👀 #digiceltt
10th Jul:
10th Jul: #RiddleMeThis If eleven plus two equals one, what does nine plus five equal? Tell us your answer!
9th Jul: Let’s play a game! What brand of phone is this? Wrong answers only 🙂
9th Jul: What’s for lunch?
9th Jul: Men, is it important for your girl to love sports? 🧐
9th Jul: How many cups of coffee does it take to get through your day? ☕️🧐
9th Jul: Good morning 🌞 Remember to seize the day with #Digiceltt!
9th Jul: How do you shoot your shot? 👀 #21stCenturyLove
9th Jul: Are you a talker or a texter 👀
8th Jul: Congratulations to @usainbolt & Kasi Bennett on their beautiful baby girl Olympia Lightning Bolt! #digiceltt
5th Jun: 100-year-old turtle has 18 hatchlings at Emperor Valley Zoo #WorldEnvironmentDay! 🐢🐢🐢
5th May: Did you feel that 4.9 earthquake at 6:32pm? What location were you at? #Reposted from @uwiseismic
15th Apr: We show love by distancing ourselves from one another, but that doesn’t have to stop us from staying connected. Sta…
18th Mar: You need to stay connected. We are #ThereWithYou. Here’s what we are doing to #StopCorona
16th Mar: Keep your distance 🙅‍♀️ It’s the safe thing to do. #PreventionStartsWithYou #StopTheSpread
24th Jan: And we are there with you this Carnival!!! Ready to shake with us? #ThereWithYou x #DigicelCarnival
17th Jan: Where is everyone feteing this weekend?
6th Nov: It takes just One Day to expand your mind and see the unbridled beauty that is T&T. We took a trip to visit Angelo,…
17th Sep: Some people feel the rain... Others just get wet
14th Sep: Congrats to TKR for achieving: ✔Highest score in #CPL ✔Highest score in the history of #TKR franchise ✔Highest T…
6th Sep: Nicki retiring from music!!!! OMG!!! How do you feel about this????? 😯😯😯
5th Sep: Looking for entertainment? Check out this...☕☕☕
29th Aug: Spelling coconut on the beach today #JAVAwithDigicel ❤
24th Aug: #TaylorSwift album #LOVER is here!!! What are the best tracks on it???? #TaylorSwiftisLovedParty #taylorswiftlover…
14th Aug: Thank you! Your tweet just made my day therefore would you like a pair of IMAX Tickets? DM your details 😉
11th Aug: Our JAVA Plan will have you doing the most! 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️ #StreamResponsibly x #JAVAwithDigicel
9th Aug:
5th Aug: In love with these 😍😍😍
4th Aug: #PanamericanosLima2019 History made!!! 🚴🏾‍♂🚴🏾‍♂💨💨💨 Nicholas Paul and Njisane Phillip take gold and silver for T&T i…
3rd Aug: When was the last time you been to Moruga ? #JAVAwithDigicel 🌴🤭
18th Jul: 50 Shades of Red always win! We should create this playlist on #dMusicApp 🤔🤔🤔
18th Jul: Music helps! Check out this GYM playlist on #dmusicapp
18th Jul: Any @MarinaDiamandis fans??? Her latest #LoveAndFear album is amazing #dMusicApp
18th Jul: ❤
18th Jul: Rainy night... what album you suggest I check out??? 🎶 #dMusicApp
17th Jul: Thank you! 🕺🕺🕺
16th Jul: JAVA Time = C-O-C-O-N-U-T 🥥🥥🥥 ...Did we spell COCONUT correct? #JAVAwithDigicel
16th Jul: COCONUT is trending??? hmmm🤔🤔🤔
6th Jul: When someone asks, where are the best women from? Your answer is 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹
6th Jul: 😍😍😍
6th Jul: This will surely make you feel things! Love it ❤ #RT the love
6th Jul: Zendaya is the Ariel we all deserve? Agree???
4th Jul: Weird, scary and captivating, is anyone else hooked on @BillieEilish??? #BillieEilish x #dMusic
2nd Jul: What do you think of #MileyCryrus video for #MothersDaughter??? #SheIsComing x #DMusicApp
1st Jul: Rihanna supporting the West Indies is the kind of motivation we all need! Happy Monday T&T 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹
26th Jun: For 1 Day ONLY, your fantasy comes alive with 5GB LTE data & a chance to WIN our $30,000 Giveaway! You also get UL…
26th Jun: RT if you love #BigFoot 😍😍😍
26th Jun: Congrats! Sounds like an extra $30,000 would make this sweeter... Sign up for one of our prepaid plans for a chance…
26th Jun: After listening to his entire catalogue on #DMusicApp... this statement is a FACT! #LoveKhalid 😘
26th Jun: Primary School: Writer CSEC: Historian CAPE: Communicator College: Ready to be a Digicel Zesser! Story of the ban…
25th Jun: Bite down our New Prepaid Unlimited Plans and WIN $30,000! Visit here for more info Laters…
25th Jun: See you soon 😎
23rd Jun: You are awesome!!!
23rd Jun: We are the #FasterDataNetwork 😘
23rd Jun: Thank you!
23rd Jun: Because marketing is simply the best!
23rd Jun: Hope my Manager sees this 😘😍😁
23rd Jun: Hope our Head of Marketing sees this 😁
23rd Jun:
23rd Jun: This tweet made my day! ❤
23rd Jun: Because life is faster with Digicel ❤ Who want pelau 😍😍😍
23rd Jun: Looking for an album to listen to while I drive home... any recommendations??? #dmusicapp
22nd Jun: Thanks @abesmith1 😁Saturday Mornings at the #SantaCruzGreenMarket are amazing! Especially when you have hot cocoa a…
21st Jun: 😍😍😍
19th Jun: Tubal Uriah Buzz Butler, fought for the workers of T&T, and today we are forever grateful for those benefits we now…
16th Jun: The results are in and the Daddy of Faster Data Nationwide is here! So show daddy some love and sign up for our 2-D…
8th Jun: Craving suspense? Our FREE PREVIEW WEEKEND on HBO Max has all the scares to keep you at the edge of your seats!
7th Jun: FREE HBO ALL WEEKEND! Yes, the HBO Free Preview Weekend is back and just in time for the season premieres of Big Li…
5th Jun: Today we mark the end of fasting with a deeper appreciation of our blessings and a renewed spirit of giving. EID MU…
31st May: Have you heard about @billieeilish??? Her debut album is one of the most streamed for 2019! So maybe you should che…
31st May: feliz dia de llegada 🇹🇹
25th May: 😍Data ilimitada diversión ilimitada😍 From today till Sunday, dial *323# to activate the 2 Day Unlimited Plan & get…
23rd May: Congrats to our Galaxy S10 Winner Lenore Amos!!! 😍 This can be YOU! We select daily winners so simply dial *323# or…
16th May: Digicel Home and Entertainment allows you to rewind LIVE TV! So rewatch those moments that seem impossible! . Repos…
3rd May: Digicel vs Other Mobile Providers! #FasterDataNetwork
2nd May: Craving baigan choka??? 🤔🤔🤔
1st May: If Jared had the FASTER DATA NETWORK in T&T, he’d still have Sara by his side. Don’t make the mistake he made, go…
30th Apr: One hour, unlimited possibilities with our Quickie! Experience 1 Hour of UNLIMITED Digicel Talk and Data. Dial *323…
29th Apr: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Apr: And we brought Winter to C3 Centre!!! 😎📸😍
26th Apr: Winter is here!!! ☕
26th Apr: So glad to see other pages trying to be savage like us... thanks for the tip, hopefully this gives your page the en…
26th Apr: The people have spoken 😎


16th Aug: JAVA LOVE
16th Aug: AREA 51 in T&T
16th Aug: dMUSIC Ad
28th Jan: #CarnivalProud
17th Jan: MyDigicel App
27th Nov: EPIC
26th May: Honey Seco
19th Jan: D'Music

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